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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

hey world. i'm here sitting at aj's house just blogging away...

me and my sis came down to san diego on sun, stayed at my cousin ronald's house til tues, mark picked me up and we chilled at starbucks and his pad for a while and then we went back to my cousin ronald's house to chill w/ ramsy, jerico, and ron. we were just chillin' on the side of the house till like 2am---smoking, cracking jokes, reminising the good ole days, eating mexican food, trying to get high off a banana peel, and drinking hypnotic, or as i like to call it, hypnotise. haha. good shit. well, that's all for now folks...till next time....

"you see me cryin'!!!" - in a squeaky, da bratish kind of way...hahaha!!
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Saturday, July 26, 2003

sup sup world. i just got back from soak city and damn, it was hella fun. it's erica's bday today and i got her a starbucks card worth 15 bucks. the rides were cool. i liked going around the sunset river because we just lounged on that shit. when we were waiting in line, we were all cracking up on jokes. shit, i miss these times. i've been away for so long, i forgot how much fun i have with these guys. raliza: "i'm going to ask if i can go headfirst...then i'm going to go even if he says no." mike: "the lifeguard all chases you down headfirst blowing his whistle and sirens are going off!" hahaha....funny shit...it's one of those things where you had to be there to understand...

man, there were a lot of hotties everywhere...i was second glancing a grip...hehe...perv...

right now, i'm just waiting for aj to get off the shower so i can take one. i feel all chloriny and shit.. eeek. we're gonna hang out with erica and some friends for her bday tonight.

o shit. you wouldn't believe what me and my friend mark did last night. i was online and some wigga ims me and we started talking. then he gave me his # to call him up. and so when we got to marks pad, i called him and we were all conversating and shit. mark was too. then mark asked him to come down all the way from oside to chill with us. that wigga was gay. he is all flipped-washed. he knows a grip of flips that i know and then some. i was like, "damn foo, you're hella popular." he was alright, for a wigga i guess. but he seemed a bit conceited and he had an attitude so i was like, "eh. whatever." he was all sportin' ekco gear and phat farm shoes. i was like, "wigg-a." haha. it was hella funny. he stayed till like 4 in the morning.

man, i miss the internet. we don't have it yet up in murrieta but i'll be getting it soon. i miss blogging on this shit. i miss a lot of things. like, my virginity. sike. hehehe. ight, i'm about to bizounce on ya'lls. peace out for now and till next time...

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

i hate this shit. we're moving in a week and i don't want to. i've started packing my shit today and i kep thinking to myself, why must we move? i wish we found a cheap nice ass house down here so we don't have to fuckin move to gay ass temecula. man, i'm going to miss hanging out with my cousins and friends down here. who the fuck am i going to chill with over there? nobody. man, i'm so down right now. i think i need a couple of puffs to lift up my spirit....
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

hey ya'll. i haven't written on this for a while and that's because i'm just plain ass lazy. so what did i do for the weekend? it was ginah's graduation on fri. and so we went. afterwards, she had a graduation/dad's bday party thing going on so we all chilled there for a while. after that, i spent the night at ron's house. we all did the routine and shit. on saturday, ron woke me up at 7:00 so we can go to mission bay. when we got there, we fixed up the tent. it was pretty cool. then when the rest got there, we headed back to the house so ramsy can change. C-H-O-P P-E-R ah!!! haha. hella gay shit. anyway, we went back to the bay and saw the rest of the family there. the fire was blazin (and so were we) and we played "truth and consequences". when we were done w/ the bay, we all went to steve's to crash. then on sun, it was father's day. we got some kick ass chinese food from panda palace. then i kicked it w/ mark at his house for a while. then that's all. the end. :)
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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

i had a kick ass weekend w/ my cousins. on fri, i had a doctor's appt. and my mom came along w/ me. i told my doc. that i stopped taking my meds bec. i wanted to see if they were the ones making me fat. he didn't get mad and told me to take at least either a half of my risperdral or my zyprexa, which is not bad. then i picked up my lil' cousins and ron's friend, alex. we arrived at steve's and the first thing we could think about was getting stoned. haha. we are a bunch of stoned ass motherfuckers. so we went upstairs to steve's, did our shit, and then headed out to mickey d's for some munchies. after that, we watched drunken master w/ jackie chan and i thought that it was pretty whack so i headed to the spare bedroom and went to sleep. the next day, we picked up ron's friends mike and daniel. when we got home, ron's friend david came. so we all gathered in the garage to do our usual roundup. then we went to watch wrong turn, which by the way is fuckn freaky as hell...go watch it, it'll make you go "eewwww.. wtf?" after the movie, we went to little caeser's to get some pizza and crazy bread. we ate and then did our roundup again in the garage and this time, everyone got blazed (except the lil' kids..hehe). then we went to watch shrek. that movie is hella comedy, but i was hella tired so i went to bed. the next morning, we did our roundup again and they all went to the park while i stayed at home and rested. then i took the kids home, hung out at their house for a while, and then left at about 8:00. what a blazed out weekend...whooo..i'm going to miss these weekends...;*(. good times...
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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

i hung out w/ my good old friend darren today. darren's a cool, laid back kind of guy. i like his company. we went to ichiban for dinner, a japanesse restaurant right off university ave. the food there is okay; it isn't as grand as benito's however. benito's food is the bomb. after dinner, we went to gap and i bought a 10.00 dollar polo shirt. what a steal. then we went to this pretty nifty place (i forgot what it was called), sorta like spencer's but more gay friendly. then we head out to his car. as we were heading there, a bum was advertising himself for change. "sex for change." i was like, "ew, that's gross. i wouldn't have sex with a dirty old bum." man, that guy was hella desperate for a quarter. haha. anyway, we went to his house and we just watched a little tv. after fraternity life, i went home. and now here i am typing away my day....

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Monday, June 02, 2003

i spent the weekend w/ my cousins ronald, ramsey, nicole, and michelle. when i got there, they were playing some japanese game for playstation 2. after a while, we smoked out in the garage. as i was high, i thought about the family guy on cartoon networks. when it first came on, i thought it sucked ass. but as i progressed on watching such show, i began to like it and now i LOVE it. it's fuckin' hilarious. stewie (the talking baby) cracks me the hell up. i told michelle why this show is the bomb and she was like, "why does the baby want to kill the mom?" you'll just have to watch it to understand, my child. then we watched ghost ship. the beginning of that movie was fuckn' gross. watch it and you'll see what i mean. then we watched little rascals but i fell asleep. besides, i thought the movie was kinda lame. when i was young, i used to like the movie. but now i just think it's lame.

on sunday, we went to mission valley to watch finding nemo. that movie kicks ass---it's hilarious. i think ellen degenerous's character (dorie) stole the show...she cracked me up. then we went home and had chicken adobo and fried chicken. i left at about 10:30 after watching the man show and now here i am typing about my weekend. good times...

"oh fuck. it's michelle." - george the guinea pig
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